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International SIM Card Hosting

International SIM Card Hosting Singapore assists you in receiving SMS / Bulk SMS from your customers worldwide via our SMS gateway. iSMS has been providing such advantages of bulk SMS to many customers.

However, you need to purchase and show us your SIM Card from any telecommunication service providers (Telco) of your chosen country. Then, the SIM card will be inserted into our iSMS servers which is linking to SMS Gateway. All received SMS messages will be forwarded by iSMS gateway to your selected route via a specific protocol in order to meet your needs. For example, HTTP, HTTPS, SMS to email etc. The number given will then be used as a dedicated phone number for your SMS application.

Each copy of SMS marketing sent to the handphone will be forwarded to your iSMS account, handphone or to a URL of your Database Server.

iSMS SIM Card Hosting - Singapore provides your the most cost effective solution in which there are unlimited keywords/keyphrases and sub-keywords/ sub- keyphrases can be created on the given SIM number.

International sim hosting singapore
International SIM Hosting
  • You will only be charged as per your SMS plan
  • Outgoing SMS marketing will be charged as your SMS package with iSMS (
  • Ability to support international incoming messages
  • Ability to resell your keyword
  • Ability to choose to use virtual number masking
Where can this be applied?
  • Where your number is shown on the advertisement
  • When there is an update in the company product's price list
  • Examination results annoucement via SMS
  • Integration with any web / desktop / ERP / SAP applications
  1. Purchase a SIM Card from Any Service Providers from your selected country
  2. Then, activate it with international Roaming features
  3. Next, Send / Courier your SIM Card to us
  4. Then, the International SIM Card hosting for SMS marketing is considered done!


Features Support
Keywords Unlimited
Sub Keywords Unlimited
Custom Message yes or support
Email Reporting yes or support
URL Forwarding yes or support
API yes or support
Control Panel yes or support
Live Traffic Log yes or support
NO Premium SMS Charges Apply yes or support
Works for all GSM, CDMA operators that support text messaging yes or support
Regular SMS charges for sender instead of premium SMS charges as on Short Code. yes or support
Receive SMS globally, whereas short code numbers are limited to country (Malaysia) yes or support
Unlimited Incoming SMS yes or support
Create unlimited keywords & Sub Keywords. No per keyword charges yes or support


Plan 1 Month Cost (SGD) Total (SGD)
1 Month Plan 200 200 (Purchase Now)
3 Month Plan 180 540 (Purchase Now)
6 Month Plan 160 960 (Purchase Now)
12 Month Plan 140 1,680 (Purchase Now)
* Setup Period - 3 working days

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Phone Numbers:
  • +65 8301 0483 (Singapore)
  • +66 2026 0321 (Thailand)
  • +63 9212 358008 (Philippines)
  • +612 8310 5560 (Australia)
  • +604 642 0621 (Penang, Malaysia)
  • +603-2780 3880 (Line 1 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • +603 7980 1388 (Line 2 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • +6017 511 8885 (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)
  • 1800 87 7061 (Malaysia Toll Free)
  • +604-6468367 (Penang, Malaysia)
  • +603-79802388 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

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